Solutions for
Content Moderation

Content moderation has failed to keep up with the speed, scale and complexity of disinformation.

Kinzen's software and services accelerate the ability of content platforms to protect people from organised campaigns of harmful deception.

Kinzen improves the effectiveness of machine solutions through human expertise, scaling moderation across platforms, languages and content formats.

Build on expertise.

Kinzen's editorial team and its network of information experts chart the spread of toxic information across the internet. Their research data feeds into Kinzen's Knowledge Graph and machine learning models, which turbocharge the moderation of any body of content.

Connect the dots.

Kinzen’s Knowledge Graph is a database that includes a variety of core inputs including false claims, dangerous narratives, and bad actors. Our Knowledge Graph connects the dots and contains critical context that ensures human moderators and automated systems make smarter and more consistent decisions.

The Knowledge Graph continually improves, and evolves, thanks to the efforts of our network of experienced researchers and professional journalists.

Scale the knowledge.

Kinzen's Knowledge Graph and machine learning models enable product and engineering teams in their efforts to reduce information risk through automation.

The outputs of this analysis can be accessed via methods that suit your workflows:

  • Developer APIs

  • Content Review Dashboard

Access the experts.

Kinzen’s network of editorial and content moderation efforts can help your Trust and Safety teams with market specific needs when complex moderation cases arise or to establish content moderation needs in new markets.

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