What we do.

Kinzen's solutions are a unique blend of human judgement and artificial intelligence, shaped through partnership with trust and safety professionals and disinformation experts.

Kinzen helps content moderators make more effective and consistent decisions, and helps policymakers stay one step ahead of rapidly evolving disinformation threats.

Our solutions.


Kinzen’s expert network monitors emerging information risks across platforms, topics and languages. Its collective intelligence is shared with partners through alerts, research, and briefings.


Kinzen's technology detects and scores information risk in text, audio and video content. It’s powered by a unique blend of human judgement and artificial intelligence.


For policy makers and trust & safety teams

Early warning as a service

Kinzen’s expert network monitors emerging cross-platform information risk and helps organisations get ahead of the curve of disinformation campaigns and dangerous content.

  • Alerts
  • Briefings
  • Research

Cross-platform monitoring

Kinzen’s network detects disinformation campaigns and dangerous content across multiple platforms—from messaging to mainstream.

Global expertise

Kinzen’s network is made up of disinformation and subject-matter experts around the world, delivering coverage across major languages and in key markets.

Start getting ahead of disinformation

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for teams building trust & safety products

Detect & prioritise

Detect, score and flag information risk in large bodies of content and quickly detect the ‘needle in the haystack’.

Our proprietary scoring informs systems and teams of the level of risk. Scoring is aligned with organisational policies as they evolve.

Built on quality data

Kinzen’s core innovation is a knowledge graph for disinformation which powers a proprietary content understanding engine and ‘speech-to-text’ models optimised for information risk.

Kinzen’s expert network curates and classifies the data used in our knowledge graph and machine learning models to track the evolution of narratives.

Multi-format support

Detect, score and flag information risk in audio, video, text or image content.

On-demand API

Integrate seamlessly into existing workflows—manual or automated.

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