Kinzen is your Trusted Flagger.

The malicious spread of false information is now a threat to every online community and conversation.

Kinzen helps content moderators make more effective and consistent decisions, and offers public bodies and brands a defence against information risk.

The Kinzen solution is a unique blend of human judgement and artificial intelligence, developed in partnership with Trust and Safety teams and disinformation experts.

Kinzen's expert network delivers intelligence on organised campaigns of disinformation. Kinzen's Knowledge Graph powers automated analysis and alerts.


Kinzen alerts provide early warning of information risk arising from global events and the cross-platform spread of disinformation narratives.

Our alerts deliver accurate and timely risk assessment to ensure proportionate responses that prevent information risk becoming a real threat.

Risk Analysis

Kinzen’s Knowledge Graph powers automated filters which detect information risk in large bodies of content.

Our proprietary scoring informs systems and teams of the level of risk. Scoring is aligned with the partner's policies as they evolve.


Kinzen’s experts offer a daily summary of their insights into the evolution of disinformation, straight to your inbox.

Kinzen helps organisations filter out the noise, and distinguish between urgent and emerging information risks. We help them understand when and how they need to act to flatten the curve of disinformation.

Kinzen’s intelligence feeds can be adapted to your existing content moderation workflows or internal communication channels.

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