Get ahead of harmful content, detect policy violations faster and respond with speed and precision.

Prepare. Understand the nuance of complex threats in local markets and languages.


Plan ahead with early warnings of evolving narratives and trends.

Analyse complex threats with additional nuance and local context.

Make informed decisions by accessing regional expertise.

Minimise Risk

Proactively craft policies and processes with a greater understanding of emerging threats.

Deeply understand the complex policy areas of dangerous misinformation, violent content, hateful content, violent extremism and dangerous movements across multiple markets.

A graphic showing some of the narratives, areas of harm and languages that Kinzen focuses on

Identify. Detect and prioritise policy violations in audio, video and text content.

An illustration showing and example of risk analysis of an audio clip
A graphic showing two examples of potentially harmful misinformation

Actionable insights

Access an evolving knowledge base of 10k+ keywords, phrases and claims.

Identify risk signals such as harmful impacts, policy areas and toxicity.

Kickstart new markets with support for 28 languages and dialects.

Advanced tooling

Join established fact-checkers and research organisations in using our analysis dashboard.

Save countless hours of time manually analysing audio and video content.

Analysis at scale

Automatically analyse audio, video and text for the presence of harmful content.

Detect policy violations earlier and identify emering on-platform trends.

Customise and adapt results to fit your policies, workflows and tooling.

Improve review times and action rates with quality risk signals.

A graphic showing some of Kinzen's risk analysis signals
A graphic showing a Trust & Safety team working together

Respond. Manage critical events and unexpected crises with speed and precision.


Empower your teams with local language understanding and analysis during unforeseen events.

Get expert guidance and local context to inform urgent and critical content decisioning.


Proactively prepare a response ahead of time with alerts on local narratives and potential threats to the democratic process.

Respond to emerging threats in real-time with custom-built solutions and expert consultation.

why kinzen

We’re scaling the human solution to the information crisis.

A global network of local expertise

Our global network of experts analyses and encodes harmful language in 28 languages and markets.

Their topical, linguistic and cultural expertise is digitised into a risk knowledge base and machine learning models.

A platform built for identifying harm

Our platform leverages curated data and cutting-edge machine learning to help experts identify harmful content at scale.

Real-time expert feedback continuously improves the precision of our platform.

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