Protect your online communities from harmful content.

Disinformation, misinformation, and hate speech can be the toughest challenges for trust and safety teams and policy makers.

These constantly evolving threats can evade even the most skilled moderation team. Scaling a global response can feel like an impossible task, even for a global platform.

Kinzen's blend of human skill and scalable technology enables trust and safety professionals and policy makers to get ahead of emerging threats, detect policy violations faster and take the proportionate and appropriate action.


Kinzen's network of experts is uniquely equipped to decode the regional complexities of the toughest moderation and policy challenges. Our global footprint extends from English-speaking markets to Asia, India, Middle East, and Latin America. We currently have capabilities in 28 languages, having recently added 10 new markets.

Our experts deliver timely and actionable insights into dangerous narratives evolving across platforms, content formats and markets. Work directly with our experts to:

Get a clear assessment of threats within the communities you protect.

Proactively evolve and adapt policies that can be implemented with clarity.

Identify emerging trends, events, and narratives before they become threats.

We work with each of our clients to develop a customised roadmap for current and future coverage.

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Our technology detects policy violations in your content. Threats can be detected in audio, video, and text delivered suitable to your team's workflows. Violations can be prioritised according to your policies and additional context supports quality decisions. Use our detect product to:

Detect policy violations earlier.

Prioritise content for proactive review.

Derive on-platform insights through data-driven audits.

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