Scaling Human Solutions to the Information Crisis.

Kinzen's mission is to protect every online community and public conversation from disinformation and harmful content. Our job is to empower moderators, communicators and trust and safety professionals. Our unique skill is finding the data that scales the detection of organised campaigns of deception.

Our Solution

Kinzen offers a unique blend of human expertise and artificial intelligence. Our expert network tracks disinformation across platforms, languages and content formats. Our data trains machine learning models that scale the detection of information risk.

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Our Story

Kinzen's founders have been working on solutions to disinformation for more than a decade. Now they have built a uniquely experienced team of editors and engineers to enable more effective content moderation and information risk detection.

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Our Thinking

Our solutions enable content moderation policies that are consistent, targeted and effective. We design technology that is optimised for freedom of expression and subject to human oversight. Follow us as we build and learn.

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