Solutions for
Content Engagement

Kinzen offers a software solution for any publisher, brand or public communicator to create deeper engagement with their audience.

Kinzen is a pioneer of purpose-driven personalisation, which enhances the quality of information routines and content recommendations.

Understand your content.

Engagement starts with discovery. Kinzen blends editorial judgement and AI to tag content by topic, category, and entity with the highest degree of accuracy and relevance. We structure all content formats—audio, video and text—and enhance discovery using NLP techniques such as content clustering, de-duplication and disambiguation.

Listen to your audience.

An active audience is a loyal audience. Kinzen’s personalisation toolkit enriches the user experience by capturing explicit feedback. This helps improve the quality of content recommendations and encourages loyalty and retention.

First party data is everything.

The Kinzen solution generates a valuable new first party data set which reflects the audience’s true preferences. This data can be used to build contextual targeted advertising, help inform reader revenue strategies and provide valuable feedback loops for the editorial team 

Become your own content platform.

Kinzen helps a wide variety of publishers and curators harness the power of emerging content networks. We have developed a particular expertise in the curation of podcast content, and enhanced content discovery for local publishers. If you need more content to build a more engaged community, come talk to us. 

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