We're hiring.

Help protect online communities and public conversation from harmful disinformation.
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Our solutions enable content moderation policies that are consistent, targeted and effective. We design technology that is optimised for freedom of expression and subject to human oversight.

We’re working with some major partners around the world who trust our technology and team to help them deal with the current infodemic.

After a major new round of investment in 2020, and having secured a series of new partners, we’re now excited to expand our team.

We’re taking a different approach to the traditional recruitment process. Rather than post a long list of jobs and job requirements, we want to talk to smart passionate people.

So what areas are we hiring in?

Human in the Loop

Kinzen believes in the vital importance of the 'human in the loop', ensuring expert oversight of the data informing new and improved content moderation systems.

While data analysis chops are important, this is not a traditional data scientist role.

We want to talk to people who can:

  • Collaborate with our product team and editorial experts to define and manage Kinzen’s end-to-end data capture and management strategy.
  • Work with policy experts to create processes and workflows that ensure our data and collection process aligns with policies.
  • Establish data quality and integrity standards that meet the bar required for informing production level systems of some of the world’s largest platforms.
  • Help Kinzen build the go-to data and insights source for those looking to protect their online communities from disinformation.
  • Measure. Experiment. Measure. Experiment.

Ideally, you will have worked in social media companies and understand the needs of trust and safety teams, and/or have direct experience curating for machine learning processes.

Research & Editorial

We want to talk to people who can:

  • Demonstrate journalism or research expertise in the world of social media and misinformation/disinformation.
  • Write and deliver briefings, research papers, blog posts based on insights and learnings.
  • Work with the global Kinzen editorial network to share best practices and collaborate on ongoing projects.
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency with using databases, software, extensions etc.

Ideally, you will have worked with journalism or research organisations. Fluency in languages other than English is preferred but not required.

Sales & Account Management

We want to talk to people who can:

  • Develop market positioning and sales materials.
  • Generate sales leads.
  • Build a sales pipeline based on creative partnership ideas.
  • Manage partnership deals from ideation to execution.
  • Deliver customer excellence to ensure partner retention and growth.

Ideally, you will have experience in social media companies, with an understanding of the needs of Trust & Safety and Content Moderation teams.


We want to talk to people who can:

  • Develop messaging and competitive differentiation that connect to a sales funnel that brings partners from awareness to action.
  • Research partner needs and behaviours in order to define types of product value.
  • Scope out market segmentation and build a plan for customer acquisition.
  • Develop brand identity based on services and products offered.
  • Generate brand awareness via a strategy that might include newsletters, public speaking opportunities, podcasts, events etc.

What's next?

If you think you have the skills, experience and expertise—wherever in the world you are—that match some of our starting assumptions, come and pitch us your dream Kinzen role!

Send us an email outline and attach your CV to aine@kinzen.com. In the subject line, make clear which area you’re interested in (Data, Research & Editorial, Sales & Account Management or Marketing).